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Give Added Value To Your Users

And keep them coming back for more!

Submission Technology is the most experienced and profitable operator of cashback solutions in the UK. We have the technology and expertise to provide you with a sophisticated white label cashback platform that provides both added value to your customers and a new revenue stream.

Valued rewards for your users

To date we have rewarded our members with over £31,000,000 in cashback.

Your white labelled cashback solution will reward your audience with cashback when they shop online.

Your users will be able to join your cashback platform free of charge.

They can then earn cashback from the country's leading online retailers, including: The AA, B&Q, Marks & Spencer, DELL, John Lewis and Lloyds TSB to name just a few. We actually have over 3,846 retailer offers for your members to enjoy!

Consumers still transact direct with the retailer on the retailer's website and pay the same price for their goods as any other customer, but they receive a percentage of their spend back into their cashback account in the form of cash.

Once your member has accrued 25 or more, we pay them via BACS or in the form of Amazon Gift Vouchers.

The cashback rates vary amongst retailers and markets, peaking at up to 60 for a home or car insurance policy.

Consumers Love Cashback

Consumers love the added value they receive.

Many of your members will ensure they translate every possible spend within your cashback platform to increase their earnings. Others will become advocates for your cashback brand.

You will discover that your members access their cashback account frequently - providing a potential uplift in page impressions from your site for those users that use this route to navigate to the cashback platform.

Give Added Value To Your Users

Your white label cashback solution will be based upon the framework and functionality of

Please visit cashback, create an account and take a look around to better understand the consumer offering.

Cashback White Label Solutions Contact

Contact: Trevor Smith
Phone: 020 7183 1653
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