About Us

Our Values

Consider The Long Term

In the fast paced industry we operate in, it’s all too easy to address immediate problems with short term solutions. Ultimate progress is made by building on solid foundations, rather than short term gains.

Encourage Teamwork

There is a wealth of specialist knowledge throughout the business, useful contacts and assistance that should all be brought together as a team. We nurture an environment that encourages sharing of expertise.

Nurture Optimism & Positivity

We believe that optimism and positivity are necessary to attain our goals and to allow us to dare to achieve more. We expect everyone in the organisation to nurture their positive outlook.

Pursue Self Improvement

We are all encouraged to ensure we share important learnings, new discoveries and ideas with our colleagues so that as a team we are able to consider all angles and identify new opportunities.

Take Ownership

We are encouraged to make decisions that contribute to the organisational objectives. Each of us are expected to take care of the business as if it was our own.

Take Pride & Feel Good

We take pride in our work. We value our team and their hard worked efforts. We ask our team to recognise their abilities and allow themselves to feel good about their success.

Strive For Empathy & Understanding

Through listening we can understand and empathise with both our clients’ and colleagues needs. Understanding these needs creates opportunities in solving our clients’ problems and allows us to assist our colleagues in achieving their goals.

“As a business that embraces growth mindset and encourages self-improvement throughout the organisation, our IIP accreditation aligns with our core values and ensures we maintain focus on our greatest opportunity for continued growth – our people”

Neil Durrant - Managing Director

Our Global Reach

Global expansion has always been the goal! We are not there yet, but we are figuring it out mile by mile. If orange isn’t yet your colour, maybe you’ll be next…

Career Opportunities

We understand that everyone’s different. When you join the team at Submission Technology, exposing your native genius and working to perfect your strengths is what we do. There is no ‘One size fits all’ approach. Through effective listening, coaching and development, we quite simply… ‘Make People Better’

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