About Us

Our Values - BUILD

Be Fearless

We will not find success without learning from our failures.

Understand the Long Term

Build long term success on solid foundations.


What if we do it differently?


Challenge yourself for continued personal growth.


Team with complementary strengths. Deliver results.

“As a business that embraces growth mindset and encourages self-improvement throughout the organisation, our IIP accreditation aligns with our core values and ensures we maintain focus on our greatest opportunity for continued growth – our people”

Neil Durrant - Managing Director

Our Global Reach

Global expansion has always been the goal! We are not there yet, but we are figuring it out mile by mile. If orange isn’t yet your colour, maybe you’ll be next…

Career Opportunities

We understand that everyone’s different. When you join the team at Submission Technology, exposing your native genius and working to perfect your strengths is what we do. There is no ‘One size fits all’ approach. Through effective listening, coaching and development, we quite simply… ‘Make People Better’